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Karam Dosa Review And Rating



The story takes place in and around Kadapa district. There is a backwards village called Pichchayya Kona in Kadapa which does not have any proper facilities. A 70 years old man (Vankayala Satya Narayana) stays in Satyanarayana Patnam and runs a hotel which is special for Karam Dosa. He works hard to develop the village Pichchayya Kona. Meanwhile, he comes across three people Vemanna (Siva Ramachandravarapu), Ravi (Surya Srinivas) and Bali (Anil) who regularly visits his hotel. How the 70 years old man inspires the lives of this youth forms the rest of the film’s story.


The film Karam Dosa has a fascinating concept. The way young filmmaker has cooked up the interesting subject is impressive. We are getting to watch so many routine and regular subjects these days, but Karam Dosa is certainly one of the bearable and watchable films in the recent times when compared with the other films. Karam Dosa has an interesting plot line which was narrated through a very impressive way. But the process has gone upside down. The director has great intention from the beginning to end to carry the subject. The film will be like a slow message for all those who always wait to do something. It’s never too late to start it now is what the director tried to portray in the film.

Karam Dosa is a movie for Youth. The film is like a lesson for all the young audiences. The intention behind the film was great! The way message has been included in the script is impressive. A clear message has been given to all the youth who are struggling to settle in life. The film portrays lives of the old man and the youth simultaneously. The work that the old man does and the way he inspires the lives of youth has been conveyed very well in the film. The story is superb. But the screenplay is awful. The screenplay could have been much better, and it completely spoils the viewing experience.

A better screenplay would have been helped the film reach its target. Moreover, the slow narration was added as another disadvantage. The makers could have been edited the film in a crisper manner. The run time of the film is also very high. The makers could have cut short the run time. The actors performed very well in the film. Vankayala Satya Narayana did well in the film. The dialogues are very very good for all the actors. Siva, Surya Srinivas and Anil also acted well in the film. Chandan Raj is too good in the film. She impressed with her looks. Music is okay, and the background score is beautiful in the film.

We should not think much to start some great thing. All we need to take a single positive step. This is the summary of Karam Dosa in simpler words.  On the whole, the film Karam Dosa is certainly a decent film which could have been a lot better.

Verdict: Passable Decent Effort From Young Team

Rating: 2.5/5

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