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Know More About Kabali Editor

Editing plays key role to decide the result of film. Editor should understood the director vision and he should edit the film as per audience expectations. Behind every failure of every movie there is editor negligence. Every big actor or director shows interest to work with experienced technicians. But Superstar Rajinikanth gave chance to so many young talents, in that talents editor also one of them, who is from our beloved Vijayawada and his name is Kuchipudi Latha Praveen (K.L. Praveen).
When Praveen visit to Hyderabad he has meeting with Nani and Indraganti Mohan Krishna for trailers and teasers editing. He switched off his mobile and started discussion with them. After completing their discussion when Praveen turn on his mobile he shocked with his missed call list. Because it is the release date of Kabali teaser and that teaser creating records in Telugu and Tamil. Kabai teaser attracts Vamsi Paidipally and he also appreciated Praveen for his work. Nani also know about his work, because he already watched Aranya Kaanda (Tamil) which bought Nations Award for Praveen for his work.
When Praveen completed his editing work for Kabai, the run time came up to 152 minutes. When they starting watching film, Rajini hugged Pa. Ranjith and Praveen for their works. To create hype they released only two teasers without releasing any theatrical trailer, and they become success to create such hype and that credits goes to Praveen only. We should wait up to July 22nd how the film will be.
Praveen hometown is Vijayawada and settled in Chennai. His grand father Koteshwara Rao is Production Manager, father Rajendra Prasad worked as Assistant Director near Dasari Narayanarao, brother Naveen is country head of Real Image Media and his uncles Samuel Mukkarji and Naga Mohan Krishna are also film editors. His family related to film industry but he didn’t show any interest to work in industry. After completed his BBA he took training in editing. After that he worked as editor for Saroja directed by Venkat Prabu, produced by SP Ballu sir’s son Charan. And he worked as Avid Editor for one year near Ballu Mahendra. Praveen got Nandi Award from Tamil Nadu government for his first film. Like this SP Ballu’s son gave break to Praveen.
Editor should judge the movie by seeing it in audience view. And he said ‘I edited Kabali in straight way of narration. Audience will not feel bore while watching the movie. While I’m editing the movie i take so much care about story and screenplay. Along with story, screenplay editing will also play key role in success.’  When Kabai team returned to India after Malaysia schedule i told to Ranjith that we cut the teaser with Rajini sir dialogue which he delivered by imitating Nambiar and Ranjith said okay for that and also added my experience helped a lot while editing Kabali movie without any disturbances.
Let’s hope after Kabali release Praveen will get good name for his work. Let’s hope in future he would work with star hero’s and star directors. All the best to Kuchipudi Latha Praveen (K.L. Praveen).

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