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Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha: Movie Review



Krishna (Nani) is deeply in love with Mehreen (Mahalakshmi) since childhood, but he has no guts to tell it to her.  Her brother Ramaraju who’s terror to his rivals is Nephew of Rajanna. Ramaraju is on a mission to wipe out all his enemies. His main villain who seeks to take vengeance against Rajanna asks his son-in-law Veerender (Brahmaji) to do it.

Rajanna has a brother ACP Srikanth (Sampath Raj), an encounter specialist, who resorts to no-holds-barrier attack on goons. He doesn’t even spare his own boss when he’s corrupt. He has three doting children. He sends his children to Rajanna’s house for holidays.

Meanwhile, Dawood Ibrahim aka David Bhai (Murali Sharma), the most-wanted terrorist, comes to Hyderabad on a personal work. Not knowing his true identity, ACP Srikanth arrests Dawood Ibrahim in an accident case. David Bhai’s followers hatches a plan to kidnap Srikanth’s children to release their don. Knowing about the whereabouts of Srikanth’s children and they’re residing in Rajanna’s custody, Bhai gang attacks Rajanna and kills him. Injured Ramaraju pledges to marry his sister Mahalakshmi with Krishna if he safely drops the children at Srikanth’s house.


Hanu’s taking is splendid. Though the narration suffers in the second-half, it improves towards the climax. At times director seems to have deviated from the main track due to too many side tracks but he finally manages to bounce back. This is what works for Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha.


The locations bring so much authenticity to the story. Hanu’s attention to minute details is major asset. Rich production values come in handy for the film. Visuals are appealing and newcomer cinematographer Yuvraj deserves special mention. Vishal’s music is soothing. Songs are good and rerecording elevates the film.


However, the film gets few setbacks in the second half. Lag in the post-interval scenes and cheetah episode are stumbling blocks.




Credited as Natural Star, Nani lives upto the sobriquet. As usual, he’s at his best. Nani’s flawless performance makes KVPG a good watch. Though debutante, Mehreen too did good job. Sampath, Murali Sharma apt for their roles. Actors Prudhvi, Brahmaji, Satyam Rajesh, Prabhas Sreenu tickle funny bones.


Plus Points

Interesting First Half

Good Performances

Director’s attention to details


Minus Points

Lag in second half

Cheetah Episode

Too Many Sub-Plots



Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha Appeals. Had director avoided lag in second half, film would have been great. Yet on whole, KVPG makes for good watch. Watch it for Nani.


In Numbers: 3.25/5


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