10/24/15 1:52 PM

Madhavan Out of Ram Charan’s Film


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There are many expectations on the telugu remake of Thani oruvan tamil blockbuster. Going by latest reports, dual opinion is being heard on the film. Some say that Thani Oruvan would work well in Telugu but some others say that there is no chance of the film running successfully in Tollywood. But producers are highly confident that the film will be a huge success here. As Ram Charan can easily pull mass commercial entertainers, he is not hesitating to take a backstep. He ordered the writing department to make the film with utmost care and he wants no mistake to be made in the process. Surender Reddy who is working as a director for the film is also very cautious. He needs a hit this time as his previous film Kick 2 was a disaster. Meanwhile, discussion is about the role played by Aravind Swamy in the original film. While there are rumors that Madhavan will play the role in Telugu, the actor denied it and posted on Twitter that he is not acting in any movie in any language other than what he has in store for now. Makers of the film are considering Aravind Swamy for the role in telugu as well.



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