08/25/16 4:32 PM

Mahesh Filled Happiness In Chiranjeevi


Mega Star Chiranjeevi has thrown a big birthday party to one and all at Prak Hyatt. Chiranjeevi has invited so many film personalities from the film industry but one person who has been the center of attraction in the party was Mahesh Babu. Super Star Mahesh Babu has made his stunning presence at the birthday party and surprised everyone. Mega Star Chiranjeevi has got the best birthday gift in the form of Mahesh attending the birthday party. Mahesh Babu who usually dont attend parties has been to this party.

This surprised Chiranjeevi and the entire family of Mega heroes. Chiranjeevi has cut the birthday cake at the hotel and Mahesh Babu has taken the first piece of cake and gave it to Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi was very much happy for this and also said that he was happy to see Mahesh at the event.

Chiranjeevi was happy to see Mahesh. “You generally never come out for any functions, so thank you for coming,” Chiranjeevi told Mahesh.

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