05/25/16 1:03 PM

Mahesh To Star In Vamshi Paidipally Direction

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Super Star Mahesh Babu and Srikanth Addala joined hands for the second time to make the film Brahmotsavam. The film was produced prestigiously by the top production house PVP Cinema banner. Prasad V Potluri is the maker behind the house. He has invested a lot of money on the project. But in the end, the film incurred losses. With failure talk every where, the makers are highly disappointed. PVP has taken the responsibility of compensating the distributors now.

In his interactions with some of the distributors post release, it is revealed that he will surely be favourable to the distributors by compensating the losses. Also, the producer has revealed to some of the distributors that Mahesh signed another film for their banner which will be starting by the end of next year. Vamshi Paidipally is in plans to weild the mega phone for the film.

PVP promised the distributors that he will give the rights of their next film.

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