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Majnu Review And Rating


Natural Star Nani is back again with the third release of the year after Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha and Gentleman. Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri are the female leads of the film. Virinchi Varma is the director of the film. Check out Korada.com review on Majnu here.

Majnu Cast And Crew

Directed by : Virinchi Varma
Produced by : Geetha Golla and P. Kiran
Screenplay by : Virinchi Varma
Story by : Virinchi Varma
Starring : Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Priya Shri, Vennela Kishore and others
Music by : Gopi Sunder
Cinematography : Gnanasekhar
Production Company : Anandi Art Creations and Keva Movies
Release date : 23 September 2016
Country : India
Language : Telugu

Majnu Story

Aditya (Nani) is a engineering graduate who works as an assistant director to SS Rajamouli. One fine day he falls for Sumanjali (Priya Shri) at first sight and woos her to make her fall for him. Meanwhile, Aditya reveals his past love story to impress Sumanjali but realizes that he was still struck with the past love memories with Kiranmai (Anu Emmanuel) at Bheemavaram.

Who is Kiranmai?

What made Aditya and Kiranmai part ways?

Whom did Aditya love till the end?

Watch the film to know the answers for the above questions.


Natural Star Nani puts a subtle and decent performance in the film. He already grabbed a big name as actor in the film industry. With role by role, he has been showing a lot of variations and maturity in the acting. In this film, he played the role Aditya with a lot of ease and entertains through out the film. The female leads also got good roles in the film. Both of them made a remarkable debut in the film industry. Anu Emmanuel is too good in the film. She has very expressive eyes and she made use of them perfectly. Anu Emmanuel acted well and the other female lead Priya Shri also leaves a good impression. The comedy scenes of Vennela Kishore have come well. Director S S Rajamouli has played a camoe role in the film which is too good to watch. The climax scene is a highlight. Raj Tarun makes a guest appearance in the film too. All the other actors are good in their roles and made their presence felt.

Technical Team Performance

The film has been directed by Virinchi varma in an interesting manner. He was successful with this second film too. He made his debut with Uyyala Jampala. Virinchi Varma did a great job in making this fun filled entertaiing film. The production values maintained by the producers Geetha Golla and P. Kiran are nice. The film was made on a controlled budget with good values. The story is simple and good. All the lead actors did a great job in their roles and the supporting cast were also impressive. The audio album scored by Gopi Sunder has been pleasant and was a hit already. The background score of the film has also been impressive which is in sync with the film’s mood. The Cinematography by Gnanasekhar was very good. He has shown the film in a beautiful manner. The editing was good.

Comment On Majnu

Majnu is a conventional love story laced with comedy elements. The film moves forward in a pleasant manner. It was neither dragged nor limited. Being a rom-com the film tries to stay genuine in every aspect. The story is simple and routine. The director did not spice up things or add any extra unnecessary elements like rotten comedy track and situation less songs. The director has narrated a conventional love story in his own style by giving it a realistic touch. All the characters in the film emoted well. Nani gave a brilliant performance in the film and he entertained thoroughly. Anu Emmanuel has been the new found talent for Telugu film industry. The comedy track of Vennala Kishore was impressive.

The routine execution of the film appears to be frustrating because one expect freshness from Nani as we already have dozens of heroes to act in these kind of films. The poetic style or the poetic approach is usually expected in love stories like Majnu. But we miss it completely in the film. The film goes on a flat line and it dont seem to be fair enough to be called as a good love story. The style of making is impressive and the way director tried to maintain the routine flavour through out which is disappointing.

The run time of the film is very less. From scene to scene, the story keeps moving forward. The director did not try to cheat the audiences in revealing the plot in the first few minutes of the film. He tried to be as honest as possible. The usual love story we experience in the real lives has been portrayed on screen. Although, it has its moments, it could have been a lot better. The dialogues are good. The screenplay could have been much sharper with good pace. Majnu is a honest attempt from Virinchi Varma where he has believed in the concept of ReSTARTING Love. When you fail in love, you better think of ReSTARTING it than moving on. This has been executed very well without any nonsense.

On a whole, Majnu is a routine rom-com executed in an engaging manner. The only complaint was that it could have been a lot better. Watch it

Verdict: ReSTART your Love With MAJNU

Rating: 2.75/5

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