07/28/16 2:00 PM

Manchu & Konidela Families Partying


In tollywood rivalry between two families is common. Manchu family and Konidela family rivalry also belongs to that category only. We witnessed Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi war on stages several times after that immediately they will become friends. Recently Manchu family members and Konidela family members enjoyed weekend together in Thailand. But in this party Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu didn’t attend.

Ram Charan and his wife Upasana from Konidela family and Manchu Lakshmi and her husband Andy from Manchu family attend to this party. There is no clarity about this party that when did this happen but Manchu Lakshmi posted some pics related to this party in her official facebook account with mentioning weekend highlights. It is good to see Manchu family and Konidela family together.

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