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Memu Review And Rating



Suriya and Amala Paul plays cameo roles in the film Memu which is completely about the children. Pasang 2 is the title for the film in Tamil and Memu is its dubbed version. Check out our review on the film that released today in the theatres.

Directed by : Pandiraj
Produced by : Suriya, Pandiraj
Written by : Pandiraj
Starring : Suriya, Amala Paul, Ramdoss, Karthik Kumar, Vidya Pradeep, Bindu Madhavi and others
Music by : Arrol Corelli
Cinematography : Balasubramaniem
Production Company : 2D Entertainment, Pasanga Productions & Sai Manikanta Creations
Produced by : Julakanti Madhusudhan Reddy
Release date : 8th July 2016
Country : India
Censor : U
Run Time : 127 Minutes
Language : Telugu
Budget : ₹5 crore

Story : Memu

The simple story of two kids who were hyper active to their age and enjoy their lives happily. The funny things they do land them in a situation where they had to change schools frequently and in a situation, the parents put them in hostel. After a while, the kids could not stay happy at hostel which irks parents to beat them like any thing. In this scenario, a child specialist Dr Ramanadham (Suriya) and his wife (Amala Paul) change the attitude parents have on their children.

You should watch the film for more!

Performance of Actors

The main highlight of the film is the performances of the actors. The kids Master Nishesh and Baby Vaishnavi have given their best in performing. They never make us feel bored with their acts. Everything goes well with their natural and impressive acting skills. They portrayed all the emotions perfectly on screen. The innocence in their characters will make us elated at times. And then, Suriya and Amala Paul are to be specially praised for acting in the limited roles of the film. They put their heart and soul into the characters and brought a new kind of feel to the film. Suriya is exceptional in the role who is very natural and realistic with his performance. The rest of the actors Ramdoss, Karthik Kumar, Vidya Pradeep and Bindu Madhavi who were seen as parents did their job well.

Tecnical Team Performance

Cinematographer Balasubramaniem did a fantastic job with his lens. Every frame looks fresh and takes us into the mood. His camera skills are to be appreciated. He did a fine job in his department and contributes to the success of the film. Music scored by Arrol Corelli is not so impressive in Telugu but the background score of the film is in sync with the mood of the film and it helps us to immerse ourselves into the flow of the film. The lyrics for all the songs are perfect as per the situations. Sashank vennelakanti does a finer job with the dialogues. He tried his best in not missing the original flavour and made us understand the basic concept of the film through the natural dialogues of the film. The dialogues are inspiring and thought provoking. The editing is just okay! The run time of the film could have been cut for ten minutes to make it look racy. The slow paced narration irks a bit but still it appears us to us.

‘KORADA’ Take On Memu

This film is a sequel for already released Tamil film Pasanga. Pandiraj does a great job for selecting a subject like this. The director of the film has selected an interesting plot line. There is a lot of research that went into making of the film especially to complete the script. The film mainly revolves around the way children behave and the way they are adapted to it by the behaviour of the parents. Also the director clearly strives to explain about the value of education and knowledge. There are some very impressive scenes in the film but there are few other boring scenes too.

The director is successful in raising a interesting point and trying to narrate it in an engaging manner. But he was not successful in making them convincing to the audiences. He fails in many instances to convince the audiences. The second half of the film is a bit disappointing after witnessing an impressive primary half. The director proves to be a good narrator but fails as a director in the film on which he should concentrate on. The execution is not convincing. Memu has so many good points but also some normal points irks us that dominates the good feel in the film.

Memu is an engaging and inspiring film but it might not appeal to everyone. Memu makes us happy, sad, emotional. It makes us think and also make us feel heavy hearted while coming out of the theatres. With few ups and downs which can be neglected, the film is a must watch for everyone and especially a compulsory watchable film for the parents and children/students.

Plus Points

  • Suriya

  • Performances

  • Story

  • Cinematography

Minus Points

  • Music

  • Screenplay

  • Direction

‘KORADA’ Verdict On Memu

Memu Is Must Watch For Parents & Children

Korada Rating : 3.2 5/5

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