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Mickey J Meyer Thank You Note Impresses All

Mickey J Meyer

The music director Mickey J Meyer has a busy week with three audio launches and he has a lot of members to thank. On the stage, he forgot few persons and as a responsibility, the music director has written a very long Thank You post on Facebook and acknowledged every single person’s effort.

“The past week has been magical, 3 audio launches,. so much good music,, i would like to thank everyone, THIS POST IS FOR YOU GUYS, its going to be long!so kindly bear with me.

Thanks to Karthik,. hez been my favourite since my 1st movie, when i heard him in the movie Boyz,i became a big fan of him,he understands my musical brain 100%!, thanks to abhay jodhpurkar, what a wonderful voice, melody, punch, hez got everything,, rahul nambiar,, everygreen!!always dependable!!mahesh babu sings on screen when rahul lends his voice! Anjana Soumya,. I wish she was in the era when ARR dished out all those super melodies,, she would have sung so many good songs for him,truly a talented person,so traditional and rustic her voice is,,,Ramya Behara,. the kindest artist i ever worked with,, never asked if she was singing a track or was it for a final song,, so much happiness in her,shez the one to watchout! shez going a long way!.Padma and Sridevi,,simple people,,talented and hardworking,..Sreerama chandra,. well,,i just love his voice,. always gives his best, he has achieved so much,, yet he stays so humbled! Sai Shivani,,beautiful voice! pop, rock or carnatic,, she is versatile!Shravana Bhargavi- always wanted to work with her, her voice is electric! power! yet soothing! happy to have worked with her,Krishna chaitanya and Aditya,, talented brothers, they have sung so many songs for me since the beginning of my career,.i cud never thank them enough,,they have been the closest to me,truly blessed are both the brothers,,Sri Krishna,hez one of the most liked artist on stage,,and i wanna work with him more,, have always wanted to,,always liked his voice but never a song came along,, finally it did, and he did a great job,,and what can i say about chitra mam,, shez the best! always grateful to her for her time and work! been following her work since ages! and haricharan,,hez one of my favs, so versatile,.sometimes its difficult to choose between him and karthik! -another good person i have met is Arun chiluveru-he is the best musician i have seen in hyderabad, his guitaring is immaculate! has given me so many brilliant guitar tracks! always fun to work with him,,and not to forget siddharth,deepu,kranti,sashi kiran,..they are the voices behind happy days and kotha bangaru lokam,. leader,,——- shweta pandit,. she agreed to sing nenani neevani at 12 in the night in mumbai,, didnt treat me like some new composer from telugu,, always one of my favourite! and not to forget Venky,, had to re-edit this post for him,almost forgot him,, hez been with me thrrough thick and thin,, and if i forgot someone,, am sorry, but its thanks to everyone!

And why do i have to thank all these people,?.. because they have always given me their time,,they have been there with me,, and without them i wuldnt have executed the albums as nice as u hear them,when i waited for days and weeks to record a song with the so called popular artists from another music industry, it was these people who made me realize that they are the ones for me,and truly they were the ones for me,,,Its my duty to honor them by thanking them,, because all this is temporary! the fame! the following! the hype! it some day comes down, it vanishes and all that is left of u is only u,.so I am truly thankful to all of u people for accepting me for who i am,, not comparing me to other composers, not judging my music and not treating me special,.. As i move forward into this new phase of my musical journey,, i look forward to working with you guys,, and together making more lovable music! and these 3 audio launches are just a co-incidence,no i have not arrived,, nor i am thinking of being number 1,, i am just content and happy to be recognized a little bit more in the industry,feels like my hardwork has paidoff, ,and to end this post,, my final thanks to my family and my god, jesus christ! hez my creator and the music giver! all those tunes were sent from him,,i just recorded them! and not to forget, the directors, producers, and everyone who have supported me and continue to support me,, i can assure u that i will strive to give u good music,, and only good music. I am saddened however that i wasnt given an opportunity to score the bgm for brahmotsavam,, but AA. A and Okka ammai thappa will do the talking!! thanks to Trivikram and Rajasimha for standing by me! bye!” Mickey J Meyer posted on His Facebook profile.

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