06/21/16 2:55 PM

MLA Comments On Brahmotsavam Irks Fans


Bichagadu is the silent hit of the year. The film that was sold for 50 lakhs has grossed more than 13 crores now. The film has successfully overcome the pressure put on by Brahmotsavam. While Brahmotsavam became a disaster, Bichagadu is still running successfull and moving towards the 50 days mark. Meanwhile, at a recent movie event, an MLA made some comments on Brahmotsavam and compared it to Bichagadu. These comments did not go well with some of the Mahesh fans and they are irked with him. Though what he said is true, the way he said hurts the fans.

The MLA has said that he watch films whenever he get some time. In the same manner, recently he went to the theatre and watched two films Bichagadu and Brahmotsavam. “Bichagadu makers did Brahmotsavam, while Brahmotsavam makers became Bichagadu”, said the MLA.

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