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My Success Rate Is 80 Percent says Kodi Rama Krishna || Nagabharanam


There are many film makers in the film industry but there are only a few trend setters. Kodi Rama Krishna is one such trend setter who has made films with utmost creativity and passion. Kodi Rama Krishna is also one among the few directors who made hundred films. After a long time, the director is now coming back with yet another directional titled as Naga Bharanam.

There are lot of interesting aspects associated with the film and the major highlight of the film is re creating Kannada star hero Vishnu Vardhan in graphics. The actor passed away long back but the director has taken a decision of bringing him back through graphics. Naga Bharanam is releasing on 14th October in a grand manner. On this occasion, during the film’s promotions, the director has interacted with media and revealed many interesting elements about the film.

“Naga Bharanam is the story of a snake. The film is all about how a snake takes revenge. In the struggle of taking revenge, the snake encounters defeat in the hands of a demon but Lord Shiva comes with a special power to help the snake taste the victory. Ramya accepted to be a part of the film immediately I narrated the story. When the producer and I are discussing about creating special power, the producer came up suggesting to re create Vishnu Vardhan on screen. Thats how we did it. I was supposed to work with Vishnu Vardhan garu but by the time I am ready with the script he passed away. I am happy to bring him back in the film with graphics. The graphics team has worked very hard for the film. Vishnu vardhan will be for almost 15 minutes in the film. The graphic character was so real that Vishnu’s wife became emotional after watching the film.” said Kodi Rama Krishna about the film.

“A lot of success in making the film goes to the producer Shajid. If not for him, the film could not have been possible. From the days when I narrated him the story line to making the film completely, Shajid was there and introduced me to several people in Kannada industry. With his encouragement, I directed the film in Kannada. I was never tensed for any of my previous films but with the hike of expectations on the film day by day, I was really very tensed about the film. The film is releasing in 600 theatres. The film was dubbed into Telugu language.” revealed the trend setting director.

“Its been three decades that I made my directional debut in the film industry. The major part of my success goes to y producers and without them, I could not have survived. I always make sure that my producers are in the safe zone. Also, I wanted all my producers on my film sets because I consider producer less set as god less temple. I try my best to bring out good stories for my producers. My success rate in the film industry is 80 percent. I watch almost all the films. I learn a lot of technology from technically high films.” concluded Kodi Rama Krishna.

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