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Nagabharanam Movie Review


The film Nagabharanam released today. The film is tipped to be an interesting one coming from Kodi Rama Krishna. The film’s cast includes Ramya, Vishnu Vardhan (Digitally recreated version), Sai Kumar,Rajesh Vivek, Diganth. Sajid Qureshi, Dhaval Gadha and Sohail Ansari have produced the film. The film is being made on Suraksh Entertainment Media banner. Malkapuram Siva Kumar is bringing the film to the Telugu people. Check out our review on the film.

Title : Nagabharanam (2016)
Star Cast : Sai Kumar, Diganth, Ramya
Director : Kodi Ramakrishna
Producer : Sohail Ansari and Dhaval Jayantilal Gada
Releasing on : 14 October, 2016

Story: Nagabharanam

Sivayya (Sai Kumar)’s family takes care of this Sakti Kavacham from so many decades. The Sakthi Kavacham kicks off all the evil powers that attempt bad things. This Sakti Kavacham also has the power that saves the world on that day. Unfortunately Sivayya’s daughter Nagamma (Ramya) loses it in a fight with some evil powers. In the process Nagamma also loses her life. But Nagamma takes rebirth as Manasa (Ramya) and tries to get back the Sakti Kavacham. The rest of the film is about the struggle she passes through to grab it.

Review: Nagabharanam

The film which came as a film by Kodi Rama Krishna failed to live up to the expectations. This is not the film that we expect from Kodi Rama Krishna. There is a good depth in the story but it was not executed completely. There are hardly any scenes in the film. The film lacks proper highlights in the film. The biggest joke of the film is bringing out Sakthi Kavacham and weaving a silly story around it. It completely failed to impress the audiences. The film’s antagonist Agora was also not given proper characterization. He was not shown in a powerful manner. The key concept of the film has not been executed well.

The plot line has been an interesting one but by introducing too many characters in the film the director has spoiled the freshness of the plot line. The film appears dragged too. The first half of the film lacks seriousness in the film. The makers failed to take proper care for the dubbing of the film. The dialogues are not penned to suit this film and the film lacks nativity too. Though all these are on the lighter side, there are few good points on the brighter side. The director has taken good care in the second half of the film. The second half has come out very well. The flashback scenes of the film have been major highlights of the film.

Dialogue King Sai Kumar selection is a plus point for the film. He performed very well in the film. Also, re creating Vishnuvardhan with graphics is a huge plus point in the film. It was a biggest highlight and impresses one and all. Ramya’s performance in both the roles is really nice. Ramya did a commendable job in the film with her performance. Makuta has to be appreciated very well in the film for their efforts. On a whole, the film is a film which has graphics and visual effects on a brighter side.

Verdict: Fails To Reach The Expectations

Rating : 2.25/5

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