06/29/16 5:16 PM

Nani Short Of 4 Crore For Break Even

Nani’s latest offing Gentleman seems to be heading for break-even in domestic market. The film, which was sold for 12 Crore in AP and Telangana, needs another Rs 4 Crore share to reach break-even point. As per trade analysts, the thriller featuring Nani in dual role managed to make Rs 8 Crore share i.e 2/3rds of the buyers investments and still needs another 4 Crore share.
Meanwhile, the film’s overseas rights were sold for Rs 3 Crore. The situation in overseas looking bleak as the film bitten the dust without a trace. The film’s overseas buyers lost chunk of their investment as the film failed to pull NRI crowds to theatres.
Whereas the case is a bit different in both the Telugu-speaking states. With Niharika Konidela’s Oka Manasu turned out to be a dud, Gentleman has picked up in several areas. Especially among multiplexes Nani once again proved his stamina.
Even Nani’s last film Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha had done around Rs 10 Crore share in its full run in domestic Box Office. However, the film did moderately well in US compared to Gentleman.

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