04/29/16 5:35 PM

Nara Rohith Loses Weight

nara rohith (2)

Actor Nara Rohit, who awaits his third release in two months, has shed around five kilos. The actor admitted that he had to lose some weight for one of his upcoming projects and is constantly hitting the gym and following strict diet regimen for a while now. Rohit has been facing the flak from the critics and the audiences alike for looking deformed in his recent outings. “I have reduced five kilos and following healthy food habits. You (media) couldn’t figure out the difference as you are seeing me from close quarters for every now and then, literally,” says Rohit with a beaming smile. Currently, Rohit is busy wrapping up Jo Atchyutananda, Appatlo Okadundevadu, Kathalo Rajakumari and Pandagala Vachadu

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