07/14/16 1:41 PM

Nara Rohith To Create New Record

nara rohith (2)

Young hero Nara Rohit is currently busy with handful of films and he looks unstoppable at any point of time now. The actor was already seen in three films this year and if the buzz is believed to be true, he will be going to act in few more films now. Going by the latest buzz, it is being heard that Nara Rohith will create a new record of acting in highest number of films in a calendar year. Nara Rohith already had Tuntari, Savithri and Raja Cheyyi Vesthe released at the box office.

The other films that formed a line now includes Shankara, Pandagala Digi Vachchadu, Jo Achutananda, Appatlo Okadundevaadu, Veerudu and Kalalo Rajakumari. If this happens for sure as per the plan, then Nara Rohith will hold a new record in the film industry that no one has ever had.

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