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Nenostha Movie Review And Rating


Those people who have got vexed with the routine films and waiting for a different film can be relieved with this film. Unlike the usual routine stories, this film is an interesting psycho thriller. Raising Dreams production house has presented the film. Basha Mahajar is the producer of the film. Surya Srinivas, Priyanka Pallavi played the lead roles in the film. The film wasdirected by Parandh Kalyan. The film released today (friday). Check out the review of the film.


Chethan (Surya Srinivas) and Nayan (Priyanka Pallavi) love each other. With regarding to busy in career, Chethan fails to provide good time to Nayan which leads to a gap between them. To avoid distrubances between them, both plans for Araku trip. On their way to Araku, they meet a ‘different’ person who is a psycho (Gnan). After travelling to some distance, both realises that this weird behaviour of psycho and leaves him in between. What happens after next? Will the psycho return? Why did the pyscho target the couple? reveals the plot of the film.


The makers should be appreciated for making such an interesting film. Usually people make routine love stories but unlike that, the director has come up with a serious pyscho thriller movie and this was handled in a smooth and sensible manner. Psycho thrillers always have a special attention and the same has happened with this film too. From the poster itself, the makers have created a special interest on the film. The title is apt for the movie. The content of the film has been promoted perfectly well with the posters itself.

The best part of the film is that the makers have made the film by showing less violence. The director and producer must be appreciated for choosing this interesting subject. The film moves forward with slow narration which is a drawback in the film. The first half appears to be dragged. Some of the scenes of the film might be objected by few sections of the audiences. The twists in the film were also maintained very well by the makers.

The curoisity in the film has been maintained very well till the end. The story mainly revolves around three important characters. The audiences might feel bored as there are no other characters in the film. The director has designed the characterisations very well in the film. The base voice has been a plus point for the guy who played the psycho. The background score of the film has elevated the film very well. The cinematography and locations have been positives for the film.


Gnan who played pyscho in the film should be appreciated first. Of all the three main actors, Gnan did pretty well in the film. He has put a solid performance from the beginning to end in the film. His look also helped a lot in the film. Priyanka lived in her character very well in the film. With fresh looks, fashionable costumes, she will certainly impress the youthful audiences. She looked great in the film. Surya Srinivas also did justice for his role in the film. All the actors have played theirroles perfectly well in the film.

On The Whole: A Different Film with Interesting Concept

Rating: 2.75 / 5

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