01/6/17 3:30 PM

Nikhil Emerges As Bankable Star


Young hero Nikhil Siddarth has tasted both ups and downs in his career in a equal dose. When everyone thought that his career has almost gone to the danger ends, the film Swamy Rara helped him to come out of it. With the success of Swamy Rara, Nikhil carefully planned his career and has got success in all the other projects. Nikhil successfully built a image for himself in the industry and he has a considerable market now in the film industry in both domestic and overseas markets. The success of the film Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada proves the same.

The film has did well even during the times of demonetisation. Now, the upcoming film Keshava is getting a lot of fancy offers in terms of distribution. The film EPC has completed fifty days. The latest news is that the satellite rights of the film have been sold for 4 crores which is really huge. The budget of the film is close to eight crores and the half of the amount has been recovered just through the stellite rights.

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