05/7/16 1:23 PM

Nithiin Unable To Decide Waiting List


Young hero Nithiin who is currently waiting for the result of A.Aa directed by Trivikram Srinivas has not signed any new film but has kept few directors on waiting list and he is yet to finalize one for his upcoming film. He is confident that A.Aa will surely change his market range and will help him expand his business. He is confident that his market will be doubled after A Aa and plans to finalize a director then.

Nandini Reddy who has recently made Kalyana Vaibhogame has discussed an idea with Nithiin and the actor asked her to work on the script. Nithiin planned to team up with Nandini Reddy long back which could not happen but finally they are teaming up now. Sampath Nandi is also in plans to make a film with Nithiin. Also Kishore Tirumala who made Nenu Saialaja also impressed Nithiin with a subject.

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