06/27/16 1:42 PM

Nithiin’s Sister NO To Exposing


Actress Ananya who was seen in the films Journey in Tamil and Anasuya Ramalingam vs Anand Vihari in Telugu is sad that she is not getting right opportunities these days. A.AA film has Ananya as Nithiin’s sister. The film success might open doors for her in Telugu for many roles!

“I will sign roles if and only if I feel that I would be perfect for the roles. I am completely opposite to Skin Show. Glamour must be confined to attitude but not the body. I always keep such rules like this to me and may be it is because of such rules I am not getting proper opportunities.” said the actress Ananya.

Ananya was seen in super hit film Journey but also at the same time, she failed to grab back to back films after that film.

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