05/12/16 1:43 PM

No Sequel But Prequel For 24

24 Movie Stills Poster, Suriya, Samanta

Director of the hit film 24, Vikram Kumar, is in Hyderabad promoting his film and in exclusive interviews he has given to the media, he opened up on several interesting things about his film and his career. Vikram Kumar is happy with the way the audiences have received the film. The director is thrilled with the wonderful response he has got for the film. There are so many films about time travel but 24 stood out as the best from the rest in the recent past.

The director refuted the rumours that the film is going to have a sequel and confirmed that he is planning for a prequel about the back story of Athreya and Shiva Kumar. The villain Athreya wants the watch; why he wants it will be shown in the prequel of the film. Also, talking about his next films, he said that he already narrated a script for Allu Arjun and Mahesh Babu separately. He will be making films with them.

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