06/27/16 11:06 AM

Oka Manasu Producer Makes Funny Statements

Oka Manasu

Madhura Sreedhar, the producer of the film Oka Manasu is currently trying to push his film Oka Manasu to the maximum possible extent for the collections. The film has received bad reviews from the critics and opened to low buzz and negative word of mouth. But the producer is trying to cover up all those and sharing the positive reviews on social media. Recently, he also tweeted saying that NDTV rated the cult classic Hindi film Aashique 2 and the film went on to collect 100 cores.

He looks like have compared his film with Aashiqui 2. Soon after he making such comments was mocked by the twitter followers. Some were also of the opinion that it was the biggest joke of the day. Naga Shaurya and Niharika Konidela have played the lead roles of the film. Rama Raju is the director. Sunil kashyap is the music director of the film.

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