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Oopiri Movie Review | Nagarjuna | Karthi | Tamannaa

Nagarjuna Akkineni in Lead with Karthi and Tamannah Oopiri Movie Review, Oopiri Movie Review | Nagarjuna | Karthi | Tamannaa

Ever since Nag agreed to play quadriplegic in the Telugu remake of The Intouchables, the film has been surrounded by good buzz. In addition Nag, actor Karthi and Tamannah joined the film drawing more attention. When Nagarjuna Akkineni called Oopiri a “life-changing” film and went onto state that Oopiri joins the legion of his superhit films Manam, Soggade and Shiva, naturally it garnered great expectations. Let’s check out how far Oopiri lived up to all its hype.



Vikram Aditya (Nagarjuna), a multi-billionaire, turns paraplegic after met with a tragic accident during paragliding. Bound to wheel chair for five years, Vikram gets bored with his life. He hunts for a caretaker who’d rather see him as who he is than being a patient. And his finding is Seenu (Karthi), a small-time innocent thief, whose only aim is to earn money and make her mother (Jayasudha) happy. He joins as Vikram’s care-taker and no sooner he gets close to Vikram and calls him ‘Annayya’. Seenu falls for Keerthi (Tamannah), Vikram’s personal secretary.


Vikram has a past where he was madly in love with Nandini (Anushka). But after turning paraplegic, Vikram avoids Nandini and sacrifices his love. Not knowing of this, Nandini develops a hatred against Vikram. Meanwhile, Vikram gets close to Priya (Shriya) through letters but when she expresses his interest for him and wants to meet him, he shuns and tries to erase his memories of her.


How Seenu made an indelible mark in Vikram’s life and how Vikram helped Seenu facing his problems. How Seenu impresses Keerthi and how he bring Priya and Vikram together forms the story of Oopiri.



While Nag subtly played the role of paraplegic, he hasn’t missed his trademark style. Without moment of his body, hands, legs, Nag managed to emote expressions through his face. He did fair job. Karthi pulled off the role of easy-going with ease. He brought fresh energy into the film.


Tamannah is easy one eyes and did justice. However, she has to focus a bit on getting her dubbing right. Anushka, Shriya’s cameos are not imposed and well-etched. Prakash Raj, Tanikella Bharani, Jayasudha did justice to their parts. Ali, Praveen are seen as Karthi’s friends in short roles.



First things first. Convincing a star like Nagarjuna to such a role which binds to a wheel chair throughout the film and run the show is equally appreciable and challenging task. Director Vamshi and producer PVP took a big risk and yes, they managed to pull it off.  The first half of the film is entertaining laced with emotion. However, post-interval, the film suffers to an extent. Few episodes in Paris,like car race scenes, could have been trimmed.


Nagarjuna-Karthi’s bonding is the USP of the film. The duo’s camaraderie works and the film deals with the value of friendship. Right from the start to end, the feel-good factor is maintained well making Oopiri a good watch.


At the same time, predictable scenes are film’s shortcomings. Slow narrative at portions and flat screenplay are stumbling blocks. Barring this, Oopiri has several fun moments, especially the painting scenes of Karthi are too good and evoke laughter.


Plus Points

Nagarjuna-Karthi bonding
Painting Episodes
Feelgood Factor


Minus Points

Slow Narration at Portions
Predictable Scenes
Flat Screenplay



Oopiri is the kinda film you shouldn’t watch it with brain. Watch it with your heart. Don’t dissect the film. But just feel it. Oopiri has its highs and lows. On the whole, you walk out with a content feeling. Oopiri explores the life in its full capacity. Go for it. It’s winner among class audiences might not struck a chord with masses.


Oopiri-Movie-Review-and-Rating-ECG-Graph, Nagarjuna Akkineni in Lead with Karthi and Tamannah Oopiri Movie Review, Oopiri Movie Review | Nagarjuna | Karthi | Tamannaa

Rating: 3.25

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