08/28/16 12:46 PM

Pawan Kalyan’s Strong Message To Central Government

Pawan Kalyann

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has held a big meeting to reveal his future plans regarding the politics. Pawan Kalyan after establishing the political party Jana Sena has not revealed anything about his future plans. But now, Pawan kalyan has held this big meeting at Tirupathi to discuss mainly about three important things. The first one is regarding the opinion he had on the two years of TDP government. The second one is regarding the special status and the third one is about his future plans of Jana Sena party.

Pawan Kalyan has clearly sent a message to the central government with his speech and he has sent indications that he will fight for Special Status for Andhra Pradesh at any cost.

“Respected sirs of BJP and Congress, we (Seemandhra people) are deeply hurt.  You are not seeing our angst, anger, tears, and agony.  We are not in our vicinity, you are in the North and we are in the South. I, Pawan Kalyan, the President of the Jana Sena Party, representing Seemandhra people, will make sure we come in your vicinity”, Pawan said.

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