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Premam Movie Review And Rating


Cast And Crew

Directed by : Chandoo Mondeti
Presented by : P. D. V. Prasad
Produced by : S. Naga Vamshi
Screenplay by : Chandoo Mondeti
Story by : Alphonse Putharen
Based on : Premam by Alphonse Putharen
Starring : Naga Chaitanya, Shruti Haasan, Madonna Sebastian, Anupama Parameswaran and others
Music by : Gopi Sunder and Rajesh Murugesan
Cinematography : Karthik Ghattamaneni
Edited by : Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Production Company : Sitara Entertainments
Release date : 7 October 2016
Censor : U/A
Running time : 156 minutes
Country : India
Language : Telugu


To keep it very simple, Premam is the story of three different love stories in three phases of Vikram (Naga Chaitanya)’s life. He falls for Suma (Anupama Parameswaran) in childhood. He loves Sitharam madam (Shruti Haasan) during college days. Finally, he loves Sindhu (Madonna) in the early thirties. What all happened with his love stories has to be seen in the film.


Naga Chaitanya is simply superb in the film. The way he acted is mind blowing and the way he has showed several variations in his character is amazing. Naga Chaitanya has lived up to the expectations and has given his best for the film. He has emoted all the three roles well and registered the career’s best performance with Premam. He should be appreciated for all the work he did in the film. Daggubati Venkatesh and Akkineni Nagarjuna cameos have come out well and they added glamour to the casting department and fans really enjoyed it. The guts of Shruti Haasan must be appreciated a lot and she pulled off her role with so ease and registered a very good performance in the film. Madonna Sebastian is gorgeous and performed so brilliantly in the film. Anupama Parameswaran has played a good role and maintained the innocence in her role. Chaitanya Krishna, Praveen and Srinivasa Reddy
have also put some great performances in the film and supported Naga Chaitanya very well. Prudhvi Raj also impresses in a small role. Brahmaji and Narra Srinu must also be appreciated for their entertaining roles. They also made the audiences laugh and entertained in the second half. Rest of the actors did their job well and made us feel their presence.

Technical Team Performance

The story of the film provided by Alphonse Putharen is brilliant. The story has come out well too. But the changes that were made to the story was also should be appreciated. Already there are lot of expectations on the film and the makers tried their best to live to the standards. The Screenplay provided by Chandoo Mondeti is interesting and engaging. The way the three phases of life was shown is brilliant. The film was Based on Malayalam film Premam by Alphonse Putharen. The Music scored by Gopi Sunder and Rajesh Murugesan is already a hit. Gopi Sunder’s re recording helped the film a lot and it elevated the movie in different aspects. The Cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni is brilliant. The editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is good. The production values maintained by S. Naga Vamshi are rich.

Premam Review

Premam starts with Akkineni Nagarjuna’s voice over. There is a lot of interesting things that happen with the film from the beginning. Usually, the makers worried about getting the comments of comparison but the output has been satisfactory. The makers were successful in bringing out the best from the team and they did not reach to the original but were so good in the limited space that they have. This is our Telugu people’s Premam and the nativity changes worked a lot. The performances are the major highlights in the film. Naga Chaitanya is amazing in the film and every heroine was given proper characterization.

To bring some interesting comparisons, the film’s run time is less. The advantage that Premam has is that there is no need of establishing story because most of the people have already watched the film in Malayalam and they all knew the story very well. Even though it is predictable, the director has dealt the film with an interesting honest screenplay. The film Premam has so many good moments. But the original feel that existed in the main story was not carried out properly that we may not feel the love every time. The love feel of the film fails to touch our hearts but we feel it at times here and there.

The makers were successful in making us love for the characters. The major highlights of the film Premam are the performances, music and the direction. Chandoo Mondeti clearing off all the doubts has made a hit film. The way he adopted the film to our Telugu audience is impressive. The changes that he made are convincing and satisfactory. But if we still compare the film with the original, telugu version is no where nearer to the original but if we see this film as a normal straight Telugu film, we will surely enjoy the love stories.

Verdict: Premam Takes Vijayam Route!

Rating: 3.5/5

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