06/22/16 11:04 AM

Producer Giving Korean DVDs To Directors


It’s common practice for our critics, audience to lament on writers, directors and blaming them for alleged plagiarism and ripping of film stories from Korean, French and other foreign language films and at times our own language films too. But not many are aware that a few producers themselves give the DVDs, CDs of foreign films to mana directors and ask them to adapt of free-make them hoping that it’d be safe bet for their monies.

Especially this dangerous trend is catching up in T-town. It’s learnt that a known producer in the industry is resorting to such practice which is expected to spoil the healthy atmosphere.
The producer, who even tried his hand at direction and failed miserably, is apparently often giving such references to directors. While many directors are gently turning down, few directors readily accepting as it’s easy. But what’s irony is not all  these projects are turning out to be successful and there isn’t much difference in the success rate of these copied films compared to the originals.
At a time when globe turned into small place and strict legal laws imposed by various foreign countries and digital, internet media is so strong, it’s not wise to continue such practice. Let’s hope mana producers come out of this soon and bank more on creative writers, directors.

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