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Promising Producer of 2016: Yash Rangineni


2016 has been a great year for Telugu film industry in many aspects. At the same time, the year has turned out to be a successful one for so many new directors, actors, technicians and even producers. Many new production houses have come into existence in the film industry and new producers tested their luck. While some of the producers have entered the industry to make money, there are a few who have come to the field out of pure passion. Such people are very rare in our film industry in current times but of all those who have made their mark in the last year, we have Yash Rangineni in the first place. Yash Rangineni is one of the few producers who has entered the film industry out of passion and taste for cinema. He joined hands with the senior and experienced filmmaker Raj Kandukuri (who is a very good friend for Yash) to bankroll the blockbuster film Pelli Choopulu.

The journey of Pelli Choopulu is certainly a memorable one for everyone associated with the project. From the light boy to the theatre canteen guys, everyone has enjoyed the fruitful results that the film earned in its final run. Pelli Choopulu also made its royal entry into the One Million Dollar club at the USA box office. Recollecting the journey, the producer has posted the highlighted moments of the journey on Facebook and thanked one and all for supporting him.

“Dear friends. A lot of you have been asking questions about how we did the production of our movie Pelli Choopulu from being in Overseas. Many of you wanted to know how Raj and I as Producers managed and communicated with the team in India. So, I thought I will treat you with the entire journey of “making of” photo updates which I used to get daily from the team and also some Whatsapp discussions.” posted Yash Rangineni.

The film Pelli Choopulu not only gave success but also gave life to many actors and technicians. Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Varma who have played the lead roles in the film have become the promising actors in Telugu film industry now. Tharun Bhascker, the director of the film is already in talks with top production houses. Priyadarshi, who was shot to fame instantly for his comic act in the film already has handful of projects. We wish Yash Rangineni a very happy new year and also hope that he continue making many more interesting films just like Pelli Choopulu.

Much love to the passionate producer from our Korada.com team

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