07/31/16 12:57 PM

Put Rajinikanth In Old Age Home


There are several surprising incidents that happen around us. One such was now reported here and it is from Chennai. Surprisingly, a person named Kandaswamy from Chennai filed a complaint with the city police requesting them to admit him in the old age home. This really stunned the police officers as well. The person also added that Rajinikanth must be saved from these Tamil film producers and should be safely admitted in an old age home. The reason for this is that he has paid 1200 rupees for grabbing a ticket for the film Kabali.

A disappointed Kandaswamy alleges that both Rajinikanth and director P A Ranjith had cheated him with false promises. “I request the Government to rescue Rajini from the clutches of Tamil film producers and join him in an old-age home,” Kandaswamy requested. Lets see how the social media reacts on this and also waits for any reation from the film unit.

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