12/20/16 1:20 PM

Raj Tarun Realised It Lately


Young hero Raj Tarun has become a friendly star to everyone in the film industry. With the relationship he has built with the other heroes in the film industry, the hero has been accepting to shine in the special cameo appearances. In the recent past, Raj Tarun extended his support to his friends’ films by doing special cameos. Nani’s Majnu is one among them. They carry absolutely no significance but out of some good friendship, Raj Tarun has to accept them,

On the other side, Raj Tarun is lately realising that these roles are of no use to him. No one is mentioning his name at least even in the reviews. If the same continues, Raj Tarun will be having a lot to loose. Of late, it is heard that Raj Tarun realised that he should stop accepting such roles and should focus on lead roles.

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