10/5/15 3:30 PM

Rajamouli to Avoid Those 3 Mistakes in Baahubali Part-2




Baahubali The Beginning has been a sensation in India and achieved several records. But Rajamouli did not get the 100% stamp. The director collected feedback from various classes of audiences, distributors, exhibitors four weeks after release of Baahubali Part-1. Through these reports, Rajamouli was able to note the imperfections in the film and decided to take all possible measures to avoid them in Baahubali Part-2, say his associates. Negative feedback that Rajamouli received about Baahubali The Beginning was mainly over three points.

1.Though majority of graphics part in Baahubali part-1 was fantastic, graphics in some scenes are more artificial.  (Rana’s bull fight and Prabhas’s jump shots in jungle in Dheevara song).

2.All films directed by Rajamouli so far involve an emotional indulgence that brings chills to audiences. Since no such emotional blend was found in Baahubali part-1, audiences felt that something is missing.

3.Slight mistakes in makeup.

Upon receiving this feedback, Rajamouli is determined that no such errors should occur in the upcoming Baahubali Part-2 so that there is no scope for negative comments on it. As craze for Baahubali part-2 increased immensely nationally and internationally after fabulous hit of Baahubali The Beginning, director SS Rajamouli decided to make it a perfect flick.



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