06/27/16 12:09 PM

Ram Charan Learning Aikido!

Ram CharanTej

Ram Charan is learning Aikido, a Japanese form of self-defence and martial art that uses locks, holds, throws, and the opponent’s own movements, for his upcoming film Dhruva (Telugu remake of Tamil film Thani Oruvan) where he will be seen wearing Khaki and donning cop hat. Charan is practicing Aikido two hours daily.

For the role, Charan has decided to go lean, mean look and doing vigorous cardio, strength training. To ensure his fitness regime is followed, trainer is accompanying Charan throughout the shoot schedule including to his recent Kashmir trip.

This isn’t all. Even Charan changed his diet regime totally and turned into a strict vegetarian. He is apparently eating more avial and taking more yummy green apple juices. Charan’s better-half Upasna is taking care of Charan’s diet, fitness regime keenly.
Though Charan was seen slim, lean in Bruce Lee, he is said to be shedding more extra kilos to look fitter as cop. The film directed by Surender Reddy has Rakul Preet as Charan’s romantic interest.

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