11/9/16 10:01 AM

Ram Gopal Varma Take On Modi’s Decision


Maverick Ram Gopal Varma also reacted in his own style to the latest decision of Narendra Modi about the black money and fighting against corruption. Ram Gopal Varma is trying it hard to make a interesting point out of the decision and he comes his own way. Read on about what he has felt about the decision made by the government.

“Bottom line of Modi’s 500/1000 is there’s no top line nd it’s middle line who will understand top to bottom..u need a top to understand this. People who will lose money can drink in sorrow nd people jealous of those people who had that money can drink in bitchiness #ModiFucked. Hats off and shoes off to Mr.Modi for an exemplary move..can imagine faces of the black money nd fake currency holding fuckers. Whatever the repercussions of the 500/1000 are,we will forget in 48 hrs and continue to get up in morning and sleep at night ..so just chill.” Ram Gopal Varma wrote on his Twitter profile.

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