04/30/16 3:37 PM

Ram lakshman New Idea Is Cinem Day


Fight masters Ram and Lakshman came up with an idea like Cinema Day and they wished that it comes true.

“We extend our heart-felt wishes to all those who strive for the glory of Telugu ‘cine-kalama thalli’. Thanks to everyone who are making the film industry a successful one with all their works. We always had a thought in our minds that we wanted to get it materialized. All of us who have got the blessing from the grace of Telugu ‘cine-kalama thalli’ should celebrate a Cinema Day under one roof, wearing the same uniform, regardless of the status. Like all of us do Friendship Day, Valentines Day, Mother’s day and Father’s day, we should celebrate Cinema Day.” Ram-Lakshman said.

On a bottom note, they said that they hope everyone accepts this proposal.

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