08/25/16 12:15 AM

Rama Reveals Weakness of Rajamouli


S S Rajamouli is undoubtedly a top director in the film industry. Rajamouli has made some path breaking films on Indian screen. Moreover his film Baahubali has reached to International level. Rajamouli is often considered as India’s pride. Meanwhile, there is a lot of interesting buzz on the second part of Baahubali. Recently, his weakness was revealed by his wife at the audio launch of Jyo Achyuthananda.

Rajamouli speaking at the event said that his wife Rama always criticizes him that he cant deal well with the comedy. Rajamouli said that his wife often comments that he cant generate good comedy scenes on screen. Everyone who were present at the event have laughed.

What Rama Rajamouli has said is true to the maximum extent and if Rajamouli comes up with good humour, it would surely be added as a major asset for him.

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