06/26/16 5:23 PM

Ravi Babu’s Film With Piglet

ravi babu with pig

Sensational creative director Ravi Babu who delivered a flop with the film Avunu 2 is gearing up for his next film soon. The actor cum film maker is working with a baby pig (called as piglet) for his new movie. This is something very different that no one has ever attempted in the past in the film industry.

Ravi Babu is heard to have used some indigenous technology in emulating the pig model used for shooting. From the last three months, Ravi Babu has been busy with the shooting and he finally wrapped up the film’s production. The film is currently in the post production activities. The film also stars new comers Abhishek and Nabha playing main leads.

The release date of the film is expected to be revealed very soon.

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