07/19/16 10:31 AM

Reason Behind Trisha Ignoring Nayaki


Trisha Krishnan, the actress who was seen in an interesting title role in the latest film Nayaki has predicted the fate of the film even before its release. The actress was seen in horror drama which was not made in a proper manner. There are so many reasons for the failure of the film and the makers should really re-check themselves as the film was made with no proper quality and almost everything appeared as a drawback. This is the reason she has been away from the promotions of the film.

Now, the latest buzz reveals that there are some other reasons for Trisha skipping the film promotions and going by that, we heard that Trisha has ignored promotions of the film as she did not receive complete remuneration for the film. Still she has to receive an amount close to half a crore says the sources.

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