11/18/16 8:41 PM

Release Date Confusion For Allari Naresh


Allari Naresh has pinned a lot of hopes on his next film titled as Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam. From the beginning, Allari Naresh was very much sure that the film will be doing well at the box office. But then, when the release time has came nearer, the sudden demonetization which shook the country showed its effect on the film. The makers failed to bring the film to the theatres on time resulting in the film now searching for a good release date.

Allari Naresh has played a completely new role in this unique subject oriented film. Already Naresh has tried out different genres but this some how has hiked the expectations on the film and also raised the confidence levels of Allari Naresh about the project’s success. G Nageshwar Reddy is the director of the film. B V S N Prasad has produced the film on SVC Cinema banner.

It looks like the film might not release next week too with Remo and Jayammu Nischayammu Ra lined up for a release.

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