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Remo Movie Review And Rating


Title : Remo (2016)
Star Cast : Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, Saranya Ponvannan
Director : Bakkiyaraj Kannan
Producer : Dill Raju
Releasing on : November 25, 2016


SK (Siva Karthikeyan) wants to become a hero. He makes a lot of attempts but none works out. He comes across Kavya (Keerthy Suresh) and instantly falls for her. When he tries to reveal his love to Kavya, he finds Kavya getting engaged to another person. A heartbroken SK, on the other side, learns that director K S Ravikumar is planning a movie on Nurse. SK dresses up as Nurse and goes for the audition. Incidentally, Kavya comes across SK who is dressed up as Nurse and believes that it is real Nurse and offers a job at her hospital. The rest of the story is all about how SK wins Kavya’s love.


Siva Karthikeyan’s Remo getup as Nurse is a highlight for the entire film. This is the first film for Siva Karthikeyan in Telugu. Siva Karthikeyan did his best to impress the audiences. His scenes with Sharanya Ponavannan have come out really very well. The chemistry with Keerthy Suresh has worked out well for Siva Karthikeyan. Keerthy Suresh has impressed in her role as she has exhibited some variations in her character. Sharanya Ponavvannan is at her best and all the other actors have impressed with their performances.


This kind of concept is not new for our Telugu audiences as we have witnessed many in the past. This film Remo has its unique points which contribute to the film success. The concept that has been executed in the film and the way it has been projected has got a lot of significance in the film. There are many scenes in the film which were picturised in a realistic manner. The treatment is new for the routine story.

The director has written the story and screenplay perfectly that he never lost the grip while executing it. Though this is the first film for the director, he has maintained everything perfectly. The scenes between the lead pair have come out in an impressive way. The film also never gets deviated from the entertainment part. The interval bang, climax have shot very well in the film. The dialogues were penned well.

Technically, the film is too good. The cinematography is one of the major assets for the film. Every frame and visual is rich. The music and background score of Anirudh is amazing. The editing is good. Some unnecessary scenes here and there could have been chopped off. The duration can also be shortened by five to ten minutes. On a whole, the film surely entertains everyone.

On A Whole

‘Remo’ Spreads Love & Entertainment!

Rating: 2.75/5

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