10/22/16 2:05 PM

RGV Announces Film On KCR


Maverick Ram Gopal Varma has also announced a film on KCR. After Madhura Sridhar and Raj Kandukuri announcing a film on KCR, it is Ram Gopal Varma who also announced the title for his film. He revealed that RCK is the title for the film.

“I am making a film called RCK the reverse of what one doesn’t know about KCR. RCK will be about the actual  KCR and it will show him in his reverse form which will be the most straightest ever. RCK will be about KCR’s mindness and not his outwardness. KCR has a inward out ness but my film RCK will highlight his outward In ness. RCK will demonstrate the fact that KCR is Telangana’s Bruce lee mixed with Deepika Padukone’s beauty and many political’s non beauty. My film on KCR will be derived from extensive discussions with KTR.” wrote Ram Gopal Varma on his Twitter profile.

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