05/24/16 12:27 PM

RGV Compares KCR & Donald Trump


Ram Gopal Varma’s Vodka effect is witnessed by us several times in the past and even very recently, during the release of the film Brahmotsavam. RGV posted some tweets criticizing Mahesh Babu. The film maker now has taken the political stand and compared Donald Trump with KCR. He also wished to see Kejriwal as the Prime Minister of our country.

“The point of any point is that there’s no point to it and that’s the point Of Donald Trump,which point less people can never point. Donald Trump will be to America what KCR is to Telangana and what NTR was to Andhra Pradesh.  By electing Donald Trump,Americans will be proving that they are also Indians at heart. Donald Trump’s instinctive foolishness is far more superior in comparison to Barack Obama’s intelligent dumbness. If MLA can look like this,Achche din aagaye hai..Thank you Angoorlataji,Thank you Modiji..1st time I love politics. Advancement is about advancing in every which way and that’s what really truly honest achche din will be about. I pray that Kejriwal will become prime minister soon becos I am dying to see a visual of him and Donald Trump together in the White House.” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma.

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