06/13/16 7:09 PM

RGV Loves Donald Trump

rg varma

“It’s a joke ppl are praying for victims of Orlando shootings when it’s same God who couldn’t stop it..He’s lesser God than God of Isis. Only Donald Trump can do to the terrorists what the incompetent Barack Obama and JesusHChrist had already failed to do. If after these Orlando attacks also if Americans unanimously don’t vote for Donald Trump only Allah can save them. If at random Isis can kill 50 gays it can strike anywhere anytime n kill any ppl for any reason bcos it hates everything about America. Even though I belong to a community who Donald Trump hates,only hope for America in particular nd world in general is Donald Trump.

Hey Donald Trump ,I luv u for saying this “If bad things happen to good people,you should do worse things to bad people” Americans have only two choices. Either let DonaldTrump bless them or Allah bless them. Since Jesus Christ repeatedly proved that he can’t “May Allah Bless America” Orlando killings prove that terrorists biggest weapon is surprise and no one can predict a surprise because if predicted,it’s not a surprise. That,they were shot like sitting ducks strengthens Donald Trump ‘s argument if victims also were armed this massacre wouldn’t happen.

The only way to defeat terrorism is by refusing to be terrorised–Donald J Trump. Hey Donald Trump I love u for this quote. If killing is on his mind even without a gun,a man can bring down planes with just box cutting knives as witnessed in the 9/11 attacks.”

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