08/23/16 2:28 PM

RGV Says Sorry To Mega Fans


Mega Star ost many of the people from the film nagar has liked them but initially Ram Gopal Varma was not in favour to the film or the title.

“Mega Star’s Look is Amazingly Mindblowing…Looks Like A Sure Shot Block Buster..Million Cheers. Best look of MegaStar in his entire Career.Super classy-Super Intense With this pic Khaidi No.150 title ROCCCCKS! After seeing this look i want to apologise to all his fans  for whatever criticism I made in the past on his 150th.” Ram Gopal Varma tweeted by sharing the first look picture of Khaidi No 150.

After, the posters went viral, the director has also shared them and added his comments. He said that he wanted to apologise to all the Mega fans for the criticism he made in the past for the 150th film.

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