06/8/16 3:16 PM

RGV Supports Anurag Kashyap


“More than anyone else it’s Punjab ppl who know the truth of what’s Uding ..if they have an iota of courage they should Ud and Udao the CB. It’s truly humiliating insult BJP controlled C board is inflicting upon Punjab ppl and I hope M is not part of it and if he is,india is F’d. Kissa kursi ka being stopped by Gandhi family in 1975 emergency time was bad enough but achhe din guy stopping Udta in 2016 is worse. Punjab people know Gunjab truth about what A government did and they should come out and support honesty of Udta Punjab.

Udta PM shud care about Girta Punjab and give achche din by ordering censor board to not stop showing truth..Achche din is that Modi sir!. All Punjab ppl must be idiots if they have to depend upon 6 self assumed smart people in Mumbai CB to decide what they should see or not see. Mothers of Punjab know what’s really Uding in their families and if they truly are really Mothers they should come out n support Udta Punjab. In the context of Udta Punjab I think Akali dal is an A and NM is am sorry to say an S and only Anurag Kashyap I honestly think is 1.5. The CBFC cuts of Udta Punjab are like they are ordering the doctor to hide the symptoms of the disease but let the patients suffer.” tweeted RGV.

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