01/9/17 10:09 AM

RGV Tweets Positive Talk On GPS


Ram Gopal Varma is jealous of Krish and he reveals the same via Twitter. Apparently, the director reveals that many big companies from Mumbai have been approaching Krish for films. Also RGV reveals positive talk for the film Gautamiputra Satakarni.

“A very big corporate company saw GPSK whole film in Mumbai and are buying both national nd international rights for a whopping price. Just with one single show in Mumbai of GPSK. Dir Krish has been signed by 4 companies in Mumbai. Hey krish I am jealous. Hey Dir Krish after show of GPSK of 4 u signed I know one is with AK but I also heard from reliable source one is with SK. can u confirm? Hey Dir Krish I know they all saw GPSK and I also for sure know Ak is confirmed but can u confirm about SK?” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma last night.

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