09/11/16 8:05 PM

RGV’s Comments About Pawan’s Singing


“Ippude PK paata vinnanu.. Behenchodh.. He should be renamed Che Pawan Gaddar Kalyan Guavera.. He will be the biggest C ever in history of AP. PK through his singing unequivocally states emotion doesn’t need sur and intensity doesn’t need taal and overall everything needs nothing. Why PK will be biggest C in history of AP is bcos of Demographic non inconsistencies in his non relationship with his brother’s congress. PK is far far better in everything but after listening to his singing at Kakinada I think I am little bit slightly better singer than him.

To prove my point on my singing capability compared to PK am releasing a song of Vangaveeti in few minutes.please compare with Kakinada song. My request to Mahesh babu fans to Tarak Fans to Prabhas fans PK’s fans and also PK himself to honestly tell me who’s better singer? My request to fans of Mahesh babu’s Allu Arjun’s Tarak’s Prabhas’s Ravi teja’s Chiranjeevi’s n also Pawan kalyan 2 tell who’s better singer? All fans of Mahesh, Tarak, Arjun, Prabhas, Ravi teja, Chiranjeevi nd Pawan kalyan please be honest. Who’s better singer? I request media to ask Devisri prasad to Mani Sharma to Thaman and all the best singers to honestly tell who’s better singer btwn me and PK?

Dirty minded are taking wrong meaning in P K will b biggest C in AP ..I meant C as Commander nd short form was due to twitters 140 chrctrs. Going by his understanding of issues in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and the kind of fans he has,Without doubt P K will be Commander of C’s. In a struggle for status, just bcos one person died in meeting,if leader cancels all meetings,then Gandhiji wouldn’t have ever won British.” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma

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