04/30/16 3:38 PM

Sai Responds On Mega Fans Criticism

sai dharam tej

Young Mega Hero Sai Dharam Tej, who has grooved to remix songs from his uncle Chiranjeevi’s filmography in his films has recently opened up on several things about his career and the general criticism he is facing from Mega fans. He says that the fact is that he never encourage such ideas bu the idea of remixing songs comes from his directors and producers.

“I never request or encourage the idea of remixing a hit song from my uncle’s film. However, I am mostly persuaded by the director or producer of my films. They feel the fans will love it and I usually give in,” Sai Dharam Tej said. The senior mega fans, who do not want Chiranjeevi’s old films, songs or achievements to be re-used, expressed their disappointment. Even Sai was very well aware abiut the same too. But the actor says that he gives his hundred percent to satisfy the fans.

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