05/9/16 1:50 PM

Samantha Reveals Secrets


Samantha has been the busy star these days. With the films A.AA and Brahmotsavam, she is back on lime light and is working hard now to make it into success again as she did not have any proper success of late. She posted few interesting tweets recently where she says that she is not a good girl friend.

“Tonight i sleep content. With the last of my summer releases complete,it has been a very long hard 8 months .There have been days of breaking down from the exhaustion but I am glad I pulled through. Thank you to my family who have stood by me through everything. I haven’t been a perfect daughter, a perfect friend or a perfect girlfriend in this time .I intend to take things really slow now make up for it . Will not be signing any new films for a while. I love you all. Thank you for being my pillar of strength”, read a series of tweets from Samantha recently.

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