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Selfie Raja Movie Review And Rating

Selfie Raja 2

Selfie Raja

Selfie Raja is the latest film of Allari Naresh. The film stars Sakshi Chowdary, Kamna Ranawat in the lead roles. The film is tipped to be an interesting hilarious entertainer. Check out our review on Selfie Raja that released today in the theatres.

Directed by : Eshwar Reddy
Produced by : Chalasani Ramabrahmam Choudary
Written by : Eshwar Reddy
Screenplay by : Eshwar Reddy
Starring: Allari Naresh, Sakshi Chowdary, Kamna Ranawat, Kishore Garikapati, S.Lokanathan, Sridhar Sepana, Diamond RatnaBabu, Chinna, M.R Varma and Vijay
Music by : Sai Karthik
Release date : 15th July 2016
Country : India
Censor : U
Run Time : 126 Minutes
Language : Telugu

Story : Selfie Raja

Selfie Raja (Allari Naresh) is a selfie maniac. Whatever may be the situation, he takes a selfie. The other bad habit of him is a foul tongue. He have no control over his tongue. Because of these two qualities, he faces many problems. He falls in love with Swetha, who is the daughter of Commissioner (Nagineedu). Taking the goodness of Selfie Raja into consideration, her father accepts their love and which leads to marriage. Right after the marriage the problems of Selfie Raja increases day by day. His wife misunderstands and leaves him. Unable to take this, he decides to commit suicide. Failing to do that, he takes help of kaki (Ravi Babu) who is a serial killer. Later Swetha realizes her mistake and accepts Raja. But kaki’s plans of killing Selfie Raja is not stopped. He calls his friend Bheems from Mumbai to help him. Here comes the twist in the tale that Bheems looks exactly like Selfie Raja. Kaaki plans to kill selfie Raja and loot some money from insurance company in name of Bheems. To get rid of his problems, Selfie Raja starts changing his identities.

How Selfie Raja gets rid of his problems and how he tortured the audience is the rest of the story.

Performance of Actors

Allari Naresh looks some what different from his previous movies. He is more charming and whitish in color, thanks to the makeup man. His performance is nothing new as his characterization is made like that. He tried to dominate everyone with his dialogues and punches but failed to create some laughs. Sakshi chaudhary is limited for the glamour role and nothing more from her. Kamna Ranawat is just okay and have no scope of great performance. Other actors like Krishna Bhagavan, Rajitha , Nagineedu , Ravi babu and Jabardasth batch tried to tickle the funny bone. No one even Allari Naresh satisfied with their performance. Prudhvi is the one who entertained the audience a bit.

Tecnical Team Performance

Cinematography by lokanatham is good. Music by Sai Karthik is mediocre and not so useful to the movie. BGM is just okay. Production values are good for this low budget movie.  Rest of the crew did their best.

‘KORADA’ Take On Selfie Raja

Selfie Raja is one of the worst movies ever made by Allari Naresh. There is no proper plot or script for the movie. It goes on like a mixture of all the spoofs. The audience are vexed watching the same spoofs again and again. Spoofs are good up to some extent but writing a story in between the spoofs is not healthy. Selfie Raja is a complete torture to the audience for an odd 2 hours. There are very few scenes where you can heartily laugh and for the rest of the scenes you can laugh watching the faces of others.
Director G Eswar Reddy completely failed to use the potential of Allari Naresh and mainly depended on spoofs. Even the spoofs and the comedy tried in the movie are completely outdated. There is no proper sync or connection to the scenes. No one is having a proper characterization. There are almost 2 dozens of comedians in the movie and no one except Purdhvi impressed the audience.
No one can make you laugh watching this movie. Either you can tickle yourself, forcibly laugh or watch the reactions of your co watchers. Please try to stay far away from this movie.

Plus Points

  • Allari Naresh

  • Some Comedy Scenes

Minus Points

  • Story

  • Screenplay

  • Direction

‘KORADA’ Verdict On Selfie Raja

Selfie Raja Is Boring And Not Worth For A Watch

Korada Rating : 1.5/5

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