09/24/16 5:20 PM

This Short Film About Human Relations Will Surely Impress You


There are so many short films that we often come across on Youtube but not every time they impress us. Some of the short films are fiction made and some of the short films are made for time pass. But here is one serious short film that revolves around Human Relations. This short film was meant for all of us out there leading our lives in our own way thinking about different issues. Some of us might be making lives complicated and some of us might be doing injustice to our own lives. But at some point we should realize the importance and purpose of our lives and here is that one point which we pass through after watching the short film.

Beautiful Souls is the short film made by a bunch of talented team. Do watch the short film and let us know what you felt about the film.

Arun Tej , Aaryan ,Tharun ,Vineela ,Abhinav ,Afsana Shaik ,Rasagna Bobbili ,Ashwin Kondaveeti ,Aishwarya Kondaveeti ,Rekha Jayakar ,Chandrashekhar Kondaveeti ,Vijaya Lakshmi
Music: Joy Rayarala
Lyrics: Balu Vakadani
Cinematography: Vaasu | SFN Parshu

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