07/11/16 3:54 PM

Shruti Shocking Comments On Living Together

Shruthi haaasan

Shruti Haasan is the top actress in South India currently. The actress is known for her bold statements. Very often, in media she makes some sensational statements. The latest is that the actress has said that she would love to get committed even before marriage. She is okay with ‘that’ even before the marriage. She has a positive impression for the Living Together relationships.

Shruti Haasan in the past also revealed that she has no problem with the living together relationships. Shruti Haasan is even ready to commit one before marriage. But at the same time, the actress also covered her statement by not getting into the troubles.

The actress then said that she will get married after having kids like her parents. Shruti Haasan is currently busy with the shooting of the film Singham 3 directed by Hari. Suriya plays the lead role in the film.

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